(V) – Vegetarian (GF) – Gluten Free Friendly

Salads & Snacks

K&R Chopped Salad

Mixed salad blended with green onion, bacon, tomato, dried cherries, caramelized pecan pieces and dressed with blue cheese vinaigrette. 
Add chicken $5.

$6 small, $12 large

Caesar Salad (V)

Romaine, shaved parmesan, fresh cracked pepper, served with bread and lemon wedge. Anchovies on request. Add chicken $5.

$6 small, $12 large

Baby Arugula Salad (V)

Baby arugula topped with manchego cheese and glistened with Lemon vinaigrette. Add chicken $5.

$5 small, $10 large

Caviar Chips

Caviar, east coast kettle chips, crème fraiche,
and fresh dill.


Salsa Di Parma (V)

Parmesan, asiago and aged romano blended with secret spices from Italy, crushed pepper, scallions, fresh oregano and olive oil.  Served with lavosh cracker.


French Fries (V)

Whole cut fries, skin on and slightly seasoned.  Bearnaise dipping sauce.


Shrimp Cocktail (GF)

5 jumbo tail-on shrimp served with craft cocktail sauce.  



Chilean Sea Bass – 8oz Filet (GF)

Choice of wild caught fish prepared as: miso glazed, pistachio crusted, or simply grilled. Served with jasmine rice or creamed mashed cauliflower.


Norwegian Salmon – 5oz Filet. (GF)

Choice of wild caught fish prepared as: miso glazed, pistachio crusted, or simply grilled. Served with jasmine rice or creamed mashed cauliflower.



K&R Cheeseburger Sliders

Two famous buttery sliders, secret seasoning, topped with government cheese, on brioche bun. Served with old fashion hamburger dills on the side.


The Famous Filet Mignon Sandwich

Two 3oz USDA Choice aged tenderloins, cooked to your liking, served with frazzled onions, bearnaise sauce on brioche buns.


Espresso Rubbed Petite Filet (GF)

A 6oz center cut aged filet, hand cut by the big guy! Cooked to your liking, topped with frazzled onions. Served with fire grilled bread and butter. 


House Specials

Nana’s Meatballs

This recipe is from late 1800’s and handed down for generations. Two balls served with parmesan cheese and grilled bread. 6 hours of love in Nana’s sauce, quantities limited, get them while you can.

*In old world tradition, pork riblets are used for our amazing flavor. Though we try to get all the bones out, you might find that riblet in your sauce.


Lamb Lollies (GF)

Three roasted and seasoned frenched NZ lamb lollies, seasoned with rosemary, simple seasoning and served with a fresh mint chimichurri and creamed mashed cauliflower


Crispy Duck (GF)

Baked, sautéed and crisped duck breast with a tart
cherry-soy caramelization. Served with jasmine rice and naan bread.


Vegetables & Pasta

Cauliflower Burnt Ends (GF) (V)

A creation of blending heritage burnt ends of BBQ fame with Cauliflower. The flavor is craveable.


Roasted Root Vegetables (GF) (V)

A medley of root vegetables with house blended seasonings.


Vin Rose Pasta

Nana’s traditional red sauce, blended with wine, garlic cream parmesan sauce.  Served over Cellentani Pasta and grilled bread.  

Add a meatball or chicken $5

* (V) No Red Sauce



Vietnamese Pork Belly

Slow smoked tender pork belly glazed with brown sugar, assorted chili’s, coconut water, soy and sacred spices. Served with jasmine rice. 


Pork Shanks

A unique craft cut, crispy, seasoned and served with fresh sofrito.


Drop Pork Sliders

Tender, slow pit smoked, barked, seasoned pork. Served with fresh made pickled relish and bbq sauce on brioche bun.



Butter Chicken (GF)

A slow-cooked, spice-infused yogurt marinade, with fresh ginger, garlic, lemon, complex spices, chicken thighs and breast, served with Jasmine rice and naan.


The Whole Damn Wings (GF)

The drummies, paddles and points, lightly smoked in cherry wood with seasoned rub. Tossed with choice of dry rubbed, buffalo, or lemon garlic parmesan, and served with ranch or blue cheese dressing.



Better Than Sex Cake (V)

[If the kids are around, it’s Joe’s Birthday Cake]
It’s famous!


Italian Donuts (V)

Fried donuts rolled in cinnamon sugar, italian espresso frosting and fresh whip cream with shaved chocolate. 


Fall & Winter Seasonal

Beef Tenderloin Chili – (GF)

Slow cooked tenderloin with tomatoes, corn, pinto beans, green chili and spices. Topped with cheddar cheese and scallions.

Add crème fraîche $1

bowl $16 / cup $8

Traditional Italian Lentil Soup – (V)

A vegetarian based broth with garlic, tomatoes, parsley, special seasonings and al dente lentils.  Topped with parmesan cheese.

bowl $11 / cup $6

“Drop Pork” Poutine

Crispy fries smothered with BBQ hollandaise, topped with our famous tender “drop pork”, pickled onion, pickled fresno and scallions.


Burgundy Mushrooms

Mushrooms braised in beef stock, burgundy wine, and butter for six hours. Served with fire grilled bread.

* (V) No Bread



Beef, egg noodles tossed with a mushroom cream sauce.